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Nextcloud 10 Release Notes

Changes in 10




  • Pluggable authentication: plugin system that supports different authentication schemes: owncloud/core#23456
  • Token-based authentication
  • Ability to invalidate sessions: owncloud/core#24703
  • List connected browsers/devices in the personal settings page. Allows the user to disconnect browsers/devices. owncloud/core#24703
  • Device-specific passwords/tokens, can be generated in the personal page and revoked: owncloud/core#24703
  • Disable users and automatically revoke their sessions: owncloud/core#23844
  • Detect disabled LDAP users or password changes and revoke their sessions
  • Log in with email address: owncloud/core#24389
  • Config option to enforce token-based login outside the web UI: owncloud/core#24779
  • Two Factor authentication plugins system: owncloud/core#24559
  • OCC command added to (temporarily) disable/enable two-factor auth for single users owncloud/core#24559


The current desktop and mobile client versions do not support two-factor yet, this will be added later. It is already possible to generate a device specific password and enter that in the current client versions.

Files app

Federated sharing

  • Ability to create federated shares with CRUDS permissions: owncloud/core#23918
  • Resharing a federated share does not create a chain of shares any more but connects the share owner’s server to the reshare recipient: owncloud/core#24603
  • transform public links into real federated shares nextcloud/server#379

External storage

  • UTF-8 NFD encoding compatibility support for NFD file names stored directly on external storages (new mount option in external storage admin page): owncloud/core#21365
  • Direct links to the configuration pages for setting up a GDrive or Dropbox app for use with ownCloud owncloud/core#22214
  • Some performance and memory usage improvements for GDrive, stream download and chunk upload: owncloud/core#23517 owncloud/core#23323
  • Performance and memory usage improvements for Dropbox with stream download: owncloud/core#23516
  • GDrive library update provides exponential backoff which will reduce rate limit errors: owncloud/core#20481

Minor additions

For developers

Technical debt