You are reading an outdated version of this documentation. Please check out the latest version of the server administration manual.

Release Notes

Changes in Nextcloud 12

A detailed log of all changes can be found in the official Changelog. There are also all current and previous versions linked.


The ‘old’ theming method with CSS files is still available, however, we switched to using scss on many files which is likely to break your theme. Re-creating your theme following the usual documentation should suffice. To lower the effort you need to spend on theming your Nextcloud instance we highly recommend to use the theming app instead of the themes feature. See Theming for details.

Updates to Nginx configuration

  • In the Nginx configuration the Same-Origin header was removed. This is now handled in PHP and keeping it will result in a wrong header. Please remove those lines in your Nginx config: add_header X-Frame-Options "SAMEORIGIN"; See Nginx Configuration
  • For improvements in serving HTTP requests the Nginx configuration now has HTTP 2 enabled. Please update your Nginx config accordingly. See Nginx Configuration
  • The GZip configuration for Nginx was updated. See Nginx Configuration for details.

Common questions

Could not install core app bundle

The following error message is shown during the update: “Repair warning: Could not install core app bundle: Could not download app <app>”.

This basically means that Nextcloud could not fetch the app from the appstore automatically. This could have multiple reasons: either you disabled the appstore with the config.php flag or your server could not reach the app store. The instance will work fine, but the features that are usually provided by this app are not available.

Theming changes

With Nextcloud 12, CSS files have been merged into one server.css so in order to keep your theme working you should consolidate your existing css styles into a server.css file. As for the example theme the styles.css file has been renamed to server.css.