Supported apps

Below is the list of apps supported for Nextcloud 13. Supported here means that we’ll accept bugreports and resolve them in these apps with regard to functionality and compatibility with Nextcloud 13. To get access to work-arounds, long term support, priority bug fixing and custom consulting, contact Nextcloud GmbH.

  • Activity
  • Admin Audit Log
  • AntiVirus
  • Calendar
  • Circles
  • Collaborative Tags
  • Comments
  • Contacts
  • Encryption
  • External Sites
  • Federated File Sharing (allows file sharing across Nextcloud instances)
  • Federation (allows usernname auto-complete across Nextcloud instances)
  • Files (cannot be disabled)
  • Files Access Control
  • Files Automated Tagging
  • Files External (external storage)
  • Files PDF Viewer
  • Files Sharing
  • Files Text Editor
  • Files Trashbin
  • Files Versions
  • Files Video Player
  • First Run Wizard
  • Gallery
  • Logreader
  • Lookup Server Connector
  • Nextcloud Announcements
  • Notifications
  • Object Storage (Swift)
  • Password Policy
  • Provisioning API
  • Server info (monitoring app)
  • Sharebymail
  • Socialsharing (Diaspora, email, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter)
  • Sharepoint (external storage)
  • Template Editor (for notification emails)
  • Theming
  • Update Notifications
  • User External
  • User LDAP
  • User Shibboleth/SAML
  • Talk
  • WebDAV Endpoint (handles old and new webdav endpoints)
  • Workflow Engine (cannot be disabled)

All apps are licensed under the AGPL.

All documentation licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

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