Synchronizing with Thunderbird


As someone who is new to Nextcloud and new to CardBook here is what you need in excruciating pithy detail to make this work:

  • Thunderbird for your OS unless it comes with your OS distribution (Linux)
  • CardBook (a Thunderbird contacts add-on.)

Using the CardBook add-on (Contacts only)

CardBook is an advanced alternative to Thunderbird’s address book, which supports CardDAV. You can have TBSync and CardBook installed in parallel.

  1. Click the Cardbook icon in the upper right corner of Thunderbird:
  1. In Cardbook:
    • “Adressbook > New Adressbook Remote > Next
    • Select CardDAV, fill in the address of your Nextcloud server, your user name and password
  1. Click on “Validate”, click Next, then choose the name of the addressbook and click Next again.
  1. When you are finished, CardBook synchronizes your addressbooks. You can always trigger a synchronisation manually by clicking “Synchronize” in the top left corner of CardBook.


  • Thunderbird for your OS unless it comes with your OS distribution (Linux)
  • Lightning (a Thunderbird calendar add-on.)

Once you’ve installed Lighning and Thunderbird do like this:

1. Go to your Nextcloud Calendar and click on the 3 dotted menu for the calendar that you want to synchronize which will display and URL that looks something like this:

  1. Go to the calendar view in Thunderbird and right click in the calendar menu to the left (where the names of the calendars are) to add a New Calendar.
  2. Choose On the network
  1. Choose CalDAV and fill in the missing information:

Fix for Thunderbird 60

If you are still using Thunderbird 60, you need to change a configuration setting to make CalDAV/CardDAV work around Thunderbird bug #1468918 as described here