App upgrade guide

Once you’ve created and published the first version of your app, you will want to keep it up to date with the latest Nextcloud features.

This document will cover the most important changes in Nextcloud, as well as some guides on how to upgrade existing apps.

Upgrading to Nextcloud 19


Critical changes were collected on Github. See the original ticket for links to the pull requests and tickets.

Front-end changes

jQuery deprecation

As of Nextcloud 19, the global jquery and $ are deprecated for apps. While the library won’t be removed immediately to give developers time to adapt, we encourage you to either replace it with another library or simply use a bundling tool like webpack to scope it to your own. The library will be upgraded in Nextcloud in future versions of Nextcloud and there are breaking changes in the newer versions of jQuery.

Deprecated global variables

Removed globals

  • getURLParameter

  • formatDate

  • humanFileSize

  • relative_modified_date

Removed libraries

  • marked

Back-end changes

Symfony update

Symfony was updated to v4.4. The most important change for apps is to return an int value from CLI commands. Returning null (explicitly or implicitly) won’t be allowed in future versions of Symfony.

Deprecation of injection of named services

Apps had been able to query core services like the implementation of the interface \OCP\ITagManager as TagManager. To unify the service resolution with type hints for the constructor injection, the named resolution is deprecated, logs warnings and will be removed in the future. Use the fully-qualifier class name (with the ::class constant) instead:

If you had

$tagManager = \OC::$server->query('TagManager');

change your code to

$tagManager = \OC::$server->query(\OCP\ITagManager::class);

On constructor arguments you should always type-hint the service by its interface. If you do so already, nothing changes for you.

New APIs

  • \OCP\Authentication\Events\LoginFailedEvent class added

  • \OCP\Comments\IComment::getReferenceId method added

  • \OCP\Comments\IComment::setReferenceId method added

  • \OCP\Contacts\Events\ContactInteractedWithEvent class added

  • \OCP\EventDispatcher\IEventDispatcher::removeListener method added

  • \OCP\ITags::TAG_FAVORITE constant added

  • \OCP\Mail\Events\BeforeMessageSent class added

  • \OCP\Lock\LockedException::getExistingLock method added

  • \OCP\Share\Events\VerifyMountPointEvent class added

  • \OCP\Share\IManager::allowEnumeration method added

  • \OCP\Share\IManager::limitEnumerationToGroups method added

Changed APIs

  • \OCP\User\Events\BeforeUserLoggedInEvent::getUsername now correctly returns a string and not an \OCP\IUser

Upgrading to Nextcloud 18


Critical changes were collected on Github. See the original ticket for links to the pull requests and tickets.

Front-end changes


  • Overall font-size was increased. Please make sure you use relative units like rem instead of pixels.

Deprecated global variables

Back-end changes

New APIs

  • \OCP\WorkflowEngine namespace


  • \OCP\Collaboration\Resources\IManager::registerResourceProvider: use \OCP\Collaboration\Resources\IProviderManager::registerResourceProvider instead.

Behavioral changes

  • Email shares and link shares now share the same config. You cannot create mail shares if the share links are disabled by your administrator

  • Please register new sidebar tabs scripts with the OCA\Files\Event\LoadSidebar\Event script

  • Viewer binds the full file object to the views now. Variables names changed!

Upgrading to Nextcloud 17


Critical changes were collected on Github. See the original ticket for links to the pull requests and tickets.

Front-end changes

Deprecated global variables

  • initCore: don’t use this internal function.

  • oc_appconfig: use OC.appConfig instead.

  • oc_appswebroots: use OC.appswebroots instead.

  • oc_capabilities: use OC.getCapabilities() instead.

  • oc_config: use OC.config instead.

  • oc_current_user: use OC.getCurrentUser().uid instead.

  • oc_debug: use OC.debug instead.

  • oc_isadmin: use OC.isUserAdmin() instead.

  • oc_requesttoken: use OC.requestToken instead.

  • oc_webroot: use OC.getRootPath() instead.

  • OCDialogs: use OC.dialogs instead.

  • OC._capabilities: use OC.getCapabilities() instead.

  • OC.addTranslations: use OC.L10N.load instead.

  • OC.coreApps: internal use only, no replacement.

  • OC.getHost: use the use directly.

  • OC.getHostName: use the use window.location.hostname directly.

  • OC.getPort: use the use window.location.port directly.

  • OC.getProtocol: use the use window.location.protocol.split(':')[0] directly.

  • OC.fileIsBlacklisted: use the regex OC.config.blacklist_files_regex directly.

  • OC.redirect: use window.location directly.

  • OC.reload: use window.location.reload() directly.

Removed jQuery plugins

  • singleselect: ship your own if you really need it.

Back-end changes

Removed from public namespace

  • \OCP\App::checkAppEnabled

  • \OCP\Security\StringUtils

  • \OCP\Util::callCheck


  • \OCP\AppFramework\Http\EmptyContentSecurityPolicy::allowEvalScript: This means apps should no longer use eval in their JavaScript. We aim to forbid this in general in a future version of Nextcloud.

  • \OCP\AppFramework\Utility\IControllerMethodReflector::reflec: Will be removed in 18.

Behavioral changes

  • LDAP: default value for ldapGroupMemberAssocAttr changed from uniqueMember to unset. On scripted setups, it has to be set if LDAP groups should be used within Nextcloud.

  • Provisioning API: creating users will return the assigned user ID as dataset, as in ['id' => $userid].

Upgrading to Nextcloud 16


Critical changes were collected on Github. See the original ticket for links to the pull requests and tickets.

Front-end changes

  • CSP: frame-anchestor set to self by default.

Deprecation of shipped JavaScript libraries

The following libraries are considered as deprecated from Nextcloud 16 on. If you use one of those in your app, make sure to ship your own version that is properly bundled with your app.

  • marked

  • Clipboard -> now exported as ClipboardJS to resolve naming conflicts in Chrome.

  • Apps should ship their own javascript dependencies and not depend on server shipping for example jquery etc. Depending on the server dist package is deprecated starting NC16.

  • escapeHTML

  • formatDate

  • getURLParameter

  • humanFileSize

  • relative_modified_date

  • select2

Back-end changes

  • Php7.0 support removed. Php7.1 or higher required.

  • PostgreSQL 9.5+ required.

  • Autoloading: In the past it was also possible to autoload PHP classes in apps by specify a list of classes and filenames in appinfo/classpath.php. This should not be used anymore and also isn’t used by any app that is publicly available.

Removed APIs

  • \OCP\Activity\IManager::getNotificationTypes

  • \OCP\Activity\IManager::getDefaultTypes

  • \OCP\Activity\IManager::getTypeIcon

  • \OCP\Activity\IManager::translate

  • \OCP\Activity\IManager::getSpecialParameterList

  • \OCP\Activity\IManager::getGroupParameter

  • \OCP\Activity\IManager::getNavigation

  • \OCP\Activity\IManager::isFilterValid

  • \OCP\Activity\IManager::filterNotificationTypes

  • \OCP\Activity\IManager::getQueryForFilter

  • \OCP\Security\ISecureRandom::getLowStrengthGenerator

  • \OCP\Security\ISecureRandom::getMediumStrengthGenerator

Upgrading to Nextcloud 15


Critical changes were collected on Github. See the original ticket for links to the pull requests and tickets.

Front-end changes

  • unsafe-eval not allowed anymore by default.

Removed APIs

  • fileDownloadPath()

  • getScrollBarWidth()

  • OC.AppConfig.hasKey()

  • OC.AppConfig.deleteApp()

  • OC.Share.ShareConfigModel.areAvatarsEnabled()

  • OC.Util.hasSVGSupport()

  • OC.Util.replaceSVGIcon()

  • OC.Util.replaceSVG()

  • OC.Util.scaleFixForIE8()

  • OC.Util.isIE8()

Back-end changes

  • Removed php7.0 support

Deprecated APIs

  • \OCP\Util::linkToPublic

  • \OCP\Util::recursiveArraySearch

Removed APIs

  • \OCP\Activity\IManager::publishActivity

  • \OCP\Util::logException

  • \OCP\Util::mb_substr_replace

  • \OCP\Util::mb_str_replace

Upgrading to Nextcloud 14


Critical changes were collected on Github. See the original ticket for links to the pull requests and tickets.


  • php7.0 and php7.1 support added.

  • Introduction of type hints for scalar types in public APIs according to existing PHPDoc.

Front-end changes

  • OCA.Search is now OCA.Search.Core.

  • Overall structure changed.

  • .with-app-sidebar not required anymore to open the sidebar only use disappear on the sidebar

  • .svg not required anymore

  • .with-settings not required anymore

  • .with-icon not required anymore

Back-end changes

Changed APIs

  • AppFramework\Http\Request::getHeader always returns a string (and not null).

  • Security\ICrypto::decrypt only accepts strings.

  • \OCP\AppFramework\Utility\ITimeFactory is strictly typed.

  • \OCP\IL10N is strictly typed.

  • \OCP\Mail and the email templates got type hints.

  • \OCP\Authentication\TwoFactorAuth got typehints and return type hints.

  • \OCP\Migration\IMigrationStep has two new methods.

  • EMailTemplate child classes should use the %$1s notation for replacements to be future compatible and be able to reuse parameters.

Deprecated APIs

  • OCP\Files

  • Setting custom client URLs in a custom \OC_Theme class. Settings in config.php should be used.

  • Log levels in OCP\Util. Moved to the \OCP\ILogger interface

  • OCP\AppFramework\Db\Mapper. Move to \OCP\AppFramework\Db\QBMapper

Removed APIs

  • several deprecated functions from \OCP\AppFramework/IAppContainer

  • \OCP\BackgroundJob::registerJob

  • \OCP\Config

  • \OCP\Contacts

  • \OCP\DB

  • \OCP\Files::tmpFile

  • \OCP\Files::tmpFolder

  • \OCP\IHelper

  • \OCP\ISearch\search


  • \OCP\Response

  • \OCP\Share::resolveReshare

  • \OCP\User::getDisplayNames

  • \OCP\Util\formatDate

  • \OCP\Util::generateRandomBytes

  • \OCP\Util::sendMail

  • \OCP\Util::encryptedFiles

  • \OCP\Util::getServerProtocol

  • \OCP\Util::getServerHost

  • \OCP\Util::getServerProtocol

  • \OCP\Util::getRequestUri

  • \OCP\Util::getScriptName

  • \OCP\Util::urlgenerator

  • Deprecated OCP constants

  • Deprecated template functions from OCP

  • Some deprecated methods of \OCP\Response

  • HTTPHelper

Behavioral changes

  • Removed --no-app-disable from occ upgrade command.

  • $fromMailAddress won’t be injected anymore by the DI container.

  • Apps that are enabled for groups can now provide public pages, that are available even if a user is not logged in.

  • OCS API method AddUser POST:/users now allow empty password iff email is set and valid.

  • Email texts are not automatically escaped anymore in all cases.

Configuration changes

  • When using Swift Objectstore as home storage make sure that to set the bucket/container parameter.

  • mail_smtpmode can no longer be set to php. As this option is lost with the upgrade of phpmailer.

OCS changes

Added APIs

  • Details endpoint for the user list

  • Details endpoint for the groups list

Changed APIs

  • OCS API getGroup method replaced by getGroupUsers #8904

Internal changes


Only relevant if you used non-public APIs. Don’t use them.

  • cleanup of OC_* namespace - we removed quite some classes, methods and constants from our internal namespace.

  • Removed OC_Group_Backend

  • Removed OC_Response::setStatus and the constants for status codes