Nextcloud makes the trashbin of a user available via the webdav endpoint.

Listing the trashbin content

To obtain all the files in the trashbin a normal PROPFIND has to be send to This will list the content of the trashbin.

The endpoint provides three extra properties:

  • {}trashbin-filename

  • {}trashbin-original-location

  • {}trashbin-deletion-time

The result is a normal response to a PROPFIND and can be listed as such.

Restoring from the trashbin

To restore from the trashbin all that needs to be done is to move the item to the special restore folder at

This will automatically restore the item to its original location.

Deleting from the trashbin

To delete from the trashbin just perform a delete on the item.

Emptying the trashbin

Perform a delete on