Library installation

Obtaining the library

The Nextcloud Android library may be obtained from the following GitHub repository:

Once obtained, this code should be compiled. The GitHub repository not only contains the library, but also a sample project, sample_client, which will assist in learning how to use the library.

Add the library to a project

There are different methods to add an external library to a project, we will describe two.

  1. Add the library as a Gradle dependency via JitPack

  2. Add the library repo to your Android project as a Git submodule

Add the library as a Gradle dependency

Simply open your:


and add the dependency:

compile 'com.github.nextcloud:android-library:<version>'

<version> refers to the exact version you would like to include in your application. This could be -SNAPSHOT for always using the latest code revision of the master branch. Alternatively you can also specifiy a version number which refers to a fixed release, e.g. 1.0.0. (compile ‘com.github.nextcloud:android-library:1.0.0’).

Add the library project to your project as a Git submodule

Basically get the code and compile it having it integrated via a Git submodule.

Go into your own apps directory on the command line and add the Nextcloud Android library as a submodule:

git submodule add nextcloud-android-library

Import/Open your app in Android Studio and you are done. All the public classes and methods of the library will be available for your own app.