All PHP classes can be tested with PHPUnit, JavaScript can be tested by using Karma.


The PHP tests go into the tests/ directory and PHPUnit can be run with:

phpunit tests/

When writing your own tests, please ensure that PHPUnit bootstraps from tests/bootstrap.php, to set up various environment variables and autoloader registration correctly. Without this, you will see errors as the Nextcloud autoloader security policy prevents access to the tests/ subdirectory. This can be configured in your phpunit.xml file as follows:

<phpunit bootstrap="../../tests/bootstrap.php">

PHP classes should be tested by accessing them from the container to ensure that the container is wired up properly. Services that should be mocked can be replaced directly in the container.

A test for the AuthorStorage class in Nextcloud filesystem API:

namespace OCA\MyApp\Storage;

class AuthorStorage {

    private $storage;

    public function __construct($storage){
        $this->storage = $storage;

    public function getContent($id) {
        // check if file exists and write to it if possible
        try {
            $file = $this->storage->getById($id);
            if($file instanceof \OCP\Files\File) {
                return $file->getContent();
            } else {
                throw new StorageException('Can not read from folder');
        } catch(\OCP\Files\NotFoundException $e) {
            throw new StorageException('File does not exist');

would look like this:

// tests/Storage/AuthorStorageTest.php
namespace OCA\MyApp\Tests\Storage;

class AuthorStorageTest extends \Test\TestCase {

    private $container;
    private $storage;

    protected function setUp() {

        $app = new \OCA\MyApp\AppInfo\Application();
        $this->container = $app->getContainer();
        $this->storage = $storage = $this->getMockBuilder('\OCP\Files\Folder')

        $this->container->registerService('RootStorage', function($c) use ($storage) {
            return $storage;

     * @expectedException \OCA\MyApp\Storage\StorageException
    public function testFileNotFound() {
            ->will($this->throwException(new \OCP\Files\NotFoundException()));



Make sure to extend the \Test\TestCase class with your test and always call the parent methods, when overwriting setUp(), setUpBeforeClass(), tearDown() or tearDownAfterClass() method from the TestCase. These methods set up important stuff and clean up the system after the test, so the next test can run without side effects, like remaining files and entries in the file cache, etc.