Administration privileges (Delegation)


Nextcloud has built-in functionality which permits administrators to delegate authority to others without granting them full administration privileges (and without making them a member of the admin group).

This administration privilege delegation functionality is supported by many shipped and ecosystem apps that have their own settings areas under Administration settings.


If you’re an app developer and would like administrators to be able to utilize this functionality for your app, you need to enable support for delegation of your settings (see the Developer Manual for specifics).


Delegation of user management isn’t handled here, but through the use of Group Administrators.


By default only members of the admin group can access Administration settings. You can create additional user groups (or use existing ones) and then grant these groups access to specific settings.

While logged in to an account that is a member of the admin group, go to Administration settings -> Administration privilege. You will be presented with the list of settings pages and sections, including for any installed apps, that support delegation.


By clicking on the combo box, you will be able to choose which groups are able to access the selected settings. You can revoke access at any time by removing the group from the selection (or, if you wish only to revoke access for an individual account, by removing that account from the configured group).


Not every settings page or section supports delegation. This is either because delegating access to that particular settings page would enable privilege escalation (i.e. bypassing of the limited administration authority) or delegation has not yet been implemented for that specific settings page or app.