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App Development


Please make sure you have set up a development environment:

Before starting to write an app please read the security and coding guidelines:

After this you can start with the tutorial

Once you are ready for publishing, check out the app store process:

For enhanced security it is also possible to sign your code:

App development

Take a look at the changes in this version:

Create a new app:

Inner parts of an app:


How a request is being processed:


The app’s presentation layer:


Create database tables, run Sql queries, store/retrieve configuration information and access the filesystem:

Authentication & Users

Creating, deleting, updating, searching, login and logout:


Listen on events like user creation and execute code:

Background Jobs

Periodically run code in the background:


Log to the data/owncloud.log:


Write automated tests to ensure stability and ease maintenance:

PHPDoc Class Documentation

Nextcloud class and function documentation: