The Nextcloud app store rules

The Nextcloud app store is built into Nextcloud to allow you to get your apps to users as easily and safely as possible. The app store and the process of publishing apps aims to be:

  • secure

  • transparent

  • welcoming

  • fair

  • easy to maintain

Losing a rating

Apps can lose their rating when:

  • they are found to no longer satisfy the requirements

  • when security/malicious intent issues are found

  • when a developer requests so

App guidelines

These are the app guidelines an app has to comply with to have a chance to be approved.

Be technically sound

  • Apps can only use the public Nextcloud API.

  • At time of the release of an app it can only be configured to be compatible with the latest Nextcloud release +1.

  • Apps should not cause Nextcloud to break, consume excessive memory or slow Nextcloud down.

  • Apps should not hamper functionality of Nextcloud unless that is explicitly the goal of the app.

Respect the users

  • Apps have to follow design and HTML/CSS layout guidelines.

  • Apps correctly clean up after themselves on uninstall and correctly handle up- and downgrades.

  • Apps clearly communicate their intended purpose and active features, including features introduced through updates.

  • Apps respect the users’ choices and do not make unexpected changes, or limit users’ ability to revert them. For example, they do not remove other apps or disable settings.

  • Apps must respect user privacy. IF user data is sent anywhere, this must be clearly explained and be kept to a minimum for the functioning of an app. Use proper security measures when needed.

  • App authors must provide means to contact them, be it through a bug tracker, forum or mail.

Apps which break the guidelines will lose their ‘approved’ or ‘official’ state; and might be blocked from the app store altogether. This also has repercussions for the author, especially in case of security concerns, they might find themselves blocked from submitting applications.

Moving your repo to the Nextcloud organization

We’re always delighted to hear app developers are interested in moving their app to the Nextcloud organization at! There are benefits for users and developers in being there. However, it comes with some requirements as well.


  • You can use the tools and bots we have set up, including translations and such

  • Everybody in the Nextcloud organization can contribute more easily

  • Your visibility to app developers increases

  • Users can expect apps in our project to be better maintained


To deliver on the promises above, we have two simple rules.

  • You work and communicate according to the values of our Code of Conduct

  • When you are no longer active, our admins can decide to hand over maintainership to another contributor

We want to make sure that when you find other things in life which are more urgent or otherwise are unable to help your project anymore, it does not become ‘dead code’ as long as there are people who want to keep it alive. This is not fair to users, who would be forced to remove the app and install another.

Please note that the role of a maintainer is not to be the most active or prolific contributor to a project! Being friendly, welcoming and responsive are what it takes to be a successful maintainer. Not being the most brilliant developer ever, or spending nights and weekends coding!

The goal of these rules is simple: help your project be more successful. We also suggest you watch this talk by Jan about building a great community.

How to move

To move your repository to our GitHub organization, just ask any of our contributors, especially those who are admin. They will be happy to help!