You are reading an outdated version of this documentation. Please check out the latest version of the server administration manual.

Language Configuration

Default language

In normal cases Nextcloud will automatically detect the language of the Web-GUI. If this does not work properly or you want to make sure that Nextcloud always starts with a given language, you can set a default_language parameter in the config/config.php.


The default_language paramenter is only used, when the browser does not send any language, and the user hasn’t configured own language preferences.


  "default_language" => "en",

Force language

If you want to force a specific language, users will no longer be able to change their language in the personal settings. You can set a force_language parameter in the config/config.php.


  "force_language" => "en",

If users shall be unable to change their language, but users have different languages, this value can be set to true instead of a language code.


Please check Transifex language codes for the list of valid language codes.