You are reading an outdated version of this documentation. Please check out the latest version of the server administration manual.

Migrating from ownCloudΒΆ


Especially when migrating from ownCloud to Nextcloud you should create a backup of the config, database and the data directory, in case something goes wrong.

Currently migrating from ownCloud is like performing a manual update. So it is quite easy, to migrate from one ownCloud version to at least one Nextcloud version. However this does only work with versions that are close enough database and code-wise. See the table below for a version map, where migrating is easily possible:

ownCloud Nextcloud
10.0.1 or later 12.0.1 or later
10.0.0 12.0.0
9.1.x 10.0.x
9.0.x 10.0.x
9.0.x 9.0.x


While we understand, that you want to migrate as soon as possible, we also don’t want to put your data at risk. Since we never know what ownCloud changes in a future release, we only allow migrations from versions that where released before our last maintenance release, so we can at least perform some basic migration tests, before you migrate your production instance.

After downloading the correct version of Nextcloud from our older releases page, proceed like described in the Upgrade Manually manual.

Afterwards you can use the Nextcloud updater to update your instance to the newest version.