Synchronizing with KDE PIM

KOrganizer and KAddressbook can synchronize data with a Nextcloud server.

This can be done by following these steps:

  1. Open KOrganizer and in the calendar list (bottom left) right-click and choose Add Calendar
  1. In the resulting list of resources, pick DAV groupware resource
  1. Enter your user name and password, or, if you have two-factor authentication enabled, use an App Password. Then click next.

To create an App Password if you have two-factor authentication:

  • in Nextcloud, go to your user settings and look under security.
  • Look for the button create new App password and before it, enter a unique name, like KOrganizer on my laptop
  • then click create new App password. Copy-paste the password!
  1. As Groupware Server, choose ownCloud or Nextcloud in the drop-down menu. Click next.
  1. Enter your Nextcloud server url and, if needed, installation path (anything that comes after the first /, for example mynextcloud in Then click next.
  1. You can now test the connection. If it does not work, you can go back and try to fix it with other settings.
../_images/KOrganizer_test1.png ../_images/KOrganizer_test2.png

Note: the test can take a while!

  1. Pick a name for this resource, for example work or private By default, both CalDav and CardDav are synced, that is, both calendar and contacts. Choose a refresh time, 5 minutes is default but quite often for use on a laptop. Perhaps you want to save power and be a bit slower, like once every 30 minutes. Note that you can update with a right-click on the item in the calendar list and when you create a new appointment it is synced to Nextcloud right away.


After a few seconds to minutes (the sync can take a while on a slow connection) KOrganizer will show your calendars and KAddressBook will show your contacts!

../_images/KOrganizer.png ../_images/KAddressBook.png