Synchronizing with macOSΒΆ

With Nextcloud 13 and its CalDAV-backend, syncing your Calendars with your macOS-device is easy.

To use Nextcloud with macOS Calendar you will need to use the following steps:

  1. Open the Calendar-app in your Nextcloud (
  2. Navigate into the app-settings (lower left corner) and copy the iOS/macOS CalDAV address provided there
  3. Open the system preferences of your macOS-device
  4. Navigate to “Online-Accounts”
  5. Click on “Add another account...” and click on “CalDAV-Account”
  6. Select “Manually” as Account-Type and type in your username or email-address of your Nextcloud-instance as username, and your app-password/token or password as password.
  7. Paste the previous copied (step 2) iOS/macOS CalDAV address into the server address field and click on “Login”.

You can now select, with which applications you want to use this CalDAV resource. In the most cases, this will be “Calendar”, sometimes you may also want to use it for your Tasks and reminders.