User provisioning API

The Provisioning API application enables a set of APIs that external systems can use to create, edit, delete and query user attributes, query, set and remove groups, set quota and query total storage used in Nextcloud. Group admin users can also query Nextcloud and perform the same functions as an admin for groups they manage. The API also enables an admin to query for active Nextcloud applications, application info, and to enable or disable an app remotely. HTTP requests can be used via a Basic Auth header to perform any of the functions listed above. The Provisioning API app is enabled by default.

The base URL for all calls to the share API is

All calls to OCS endpoints require the OCS-APIRequest header to be set to true.

All POST requests require the Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded header. (Note: Some libraries like cURL set this header automatically, others require setting the header explicitly.)