Migrating from ownCloud


Especially when migrating from ownCloud to Nextcloud you should create a backup of the config, database and the data directory, in case something goes wrong.

Currently migrating from ownCloud is like performing a manual update. So it is quite easy, to migrate from one ownCloud version to at least one Nextcloud version. However this does only work with versions that are close enough database and code-wise. See the table below for a version map, where migrating is easily possible:




25.0.x (but at least 25.0.2)


20.0.x (but at least 20.0.5)


Since ownCloud does not and will not support PHP 8.0 or higher, you need to migrate from ownCloud 10.13.x to Nextcloud 25 and then further upgrade from there. We urge you to migrate to Nextcloud since PHP versions prior PHP 8 are end of life, see https://www.php.net/supported-versions.php.

  1. First download the correct version of Nextcloud from our older releases page,

  2. Make sure to have do a backup before migrating.

  3. Follow the upgrade instructions described in the Upgrade manually manual.

  4. When migrating to Nextcloud 20.0 or later, you will also need to run the following commands after occ upgrade:

  • occ db:convert-filecache-bigint

  • occ db:add-missing-columns

  • occ db:add-missing-indices

  • occ db:add-missing-primary-keys

  1. If system cron was used, please verify if crontab entry was using the command occ system:cron. If yes, please adjust it to use the php command instead according to the background jobs configuration documentation

  2. Use the Nextcloud built-in updater to update your instance to the newest version.

  3. Make sure to also verify the “Security & setup warnings” in the “Overview” section on the settings page.

  4. In some cases, apps installed from the ownCloud Market might have been disabled as incompatible (ex: calendar and contacts), so you should reinstall the Nextcloud ones using occ app:enable calendar, occ app:enable contacts, etc