Out-of-office feature

New in version 28.0.0.

The out-of-office feature allows users to schedule an out-of-office period including a status and message that is integrated with other apps such as Nextcloud Mail. Please refer to the user documentation for more information about the feature itself. It may be disabled globally by admins.

The feature relies on users to configure their preferred calendar time zones correctly. However, if a user does not configure their time zone, the default time zone of the server is used. It can be configured by setting default_timezone in the config.php file of your Nextcloud server. The configuration value accepts IANA identifiers like Europe/Berlin and defaults to UTC. Please refer to the Nextcloud configuration section for more information about the value.

To disable the out-of-office feature for all users the hide_absence_settings app configuration value of the dav app has to be set to yes. This can be achieved by running the following command on your server:

occ config:app:set --value=yes dav hide_absence_settings


Out-of-office periods that were scheduled before the feature was disabled will not be deleted. Disabling it will only hide the feature from the user interface. If the feature is enabled again, the periods will be visible again.

Set the value for hide_absence_settings to no or delete the configuration option entirely to enable the feature again. The following command can be used to do so:

occ config:app:set --value=no dav hide_absence_settings