Visual Tour


The Nextcloud Client remains in the background and is visible as an icon in the system tray (Windows, KDE), status bar (macOS), or notification area (Ubuntu).

desktop client icon

Main dialog

Sync State

The main dialog, which can be invoked from the tray icon in the taskbar, will show files information about the activities of the sync client and Nextcloud.

sync state paused sync state syncing sync state synced

If there are any synchronization issues, they will show up here:

sync state warnings

For more information on how to solve these issues see Appendix C: Troubleshooting.

When clicking on the avatar a menu opens where it is possible to add a new account or removing an existing account.

user account options

User Status

User status is displayed in the Nextcloud desktop client’s tray window. Default user status is always “Online” if no other status is available from the server-side.

User Status feature in the tray window

When clicking on Set status you can edit the emoji, message and the timer to clear your user status:

set user status menu option

changing the user status

Activities list

The dialog also gives information about other activities or notifications like Talk mentions or file changes. It does also show the status of the user.

main dialog activities list

Share dialog: Talk options and View Profile

You can now share a file directly in a conversation in Talk and view the sharee user profile:

open share dialog option

shared dialog sharing options