OpenStack Object Storage

OpenStack Object Storage is used to connect to an OpenStack Swift server, or to Rackspace. Two authentication mechanisms are available: one is the generic OpenStack mechanism, and the other is used exclusively for Rackspace, a provider of object storage that uses the OpenStack Swift protocol.

The OpenStack authentication mechanism uses the OpenStack Keystone v2 protocol. Your Nextcloud configuration needs:

  • Bucket. This is user-defined; think of it as a subdirectory of your total storage. The bucket will be created if it does not exist.

  • Username of your account.

  • Password of your account.

  • Tenant name of your account. (A tenant is similar to a user group.)

  • Identity Endpoint URL, the URL to log in to your OpenStack account.

Openstack configuration.

The Rackspace authentication mechanism requires:

  • Bucket

  • Username

  • API key.

You must also enter the term cloudFiles in the Service name field.

Openstack configuration.

It may be necessary to specify a Region. Your region should be named in your account information, and you can read about Rackspace regions at About Regions.

The timeout of HTTP requests is set in the Request timeout field, in seconds.

See Configuring External Storage (GUI) for additional mount options and information.

See External Storage authentication mechanisms for more information on authentication schemes.