Text app

Disable rich workspaces globally

Rich workspaces can be disabled globally by the admin by setting the following config option to 0 (default is 1):

occ config:app:set text workspace_available --value=0

Default file extension

The default file extension can be changed to txt in order to always create plain text files (default is md):

occ config:app:set text default_file_extension --value=txt

Disable rich text editing

Rich text editing can be turned off globally to always open markdown files in their raw format, without rendering of the formatting (default is 1):

occ config:app:set text rich_editing_enabled --value=0

File encodings

Text can automatically detect encodings of files and will convert them to UTF-8 when saving. Due to the variety of encodings, not all of them can be detected, however you can configure a list of encodings and in which priority they should be detected using the php ``mbstring.detect_order`` setting in your php.ini:
mbstring.detect_order         = ASCII,JIS,UTF-8,SJIS,EUC-JP