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List of browser sessions.

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Melestrañ an ardivinkoù

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List of connected devices.

Posupl eo deoc'h implij skeudennig ar boubelenn evit digemprennañ n'eus forh peseurt ardivink er roll.

At the bottom of the list you find a button to create a new device-specific password. You can choose a name to identify the token later. The generated password is used for configuring the new client. Ideally, generate individual tokens for every device you connect to your account, so you can disconnect those individually if necessary:

Adding a new device.


N'eo posupl deoc'h implij ho ger-tremenn ardivink nemetken pa krouer anezhañ, Ne vo ket enrollet gant Nextcloud, neuze eo aliet lakaat ar ger-tremenn er c'hliant nevez diouzhtu.


If you are Implijout an dilesa daou-elfenn for your account, device-specific passwords are the only way to configure clients. The server will deny connections of clients using your login password then.

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