Etrefas web Nextcloud

You can connect to your Nextcloud server using any Web browser. Just point it to your Nextcloud server URL (e.g. and enter your username and password:

Nextcloud login screen.

Rekis ar furcher web

Evit ma vefe gweloc'h ar mont en dro gant etrefas web Nextcloud, aliet e vez deoc'h implij ar stumm douget divezhañ eus ar furcher e-barzh ar roll-mañ :

  • Google Chrome/Chromium (Desktop and Android)

  • Mozilla Firefox (Desktop and Android)

  • Apple Safari (Desktop and iOS)

  • Microsoft Edge


Not all versions are supported. Nextcloud is tested and built to work with these versions only.


If you want to use Nextcloud Talk you need to run Mozilla Firefox 52+ or Google Chrome/Chromium 49+ to have the full experience with video calls and screensharing.


Microsoft Internet Explorer is NOT supported.