Using the Mail app


The Mail app comes installed with Nextcloud Hub by default, but can be disabled. Please ask your Administrator for it.


Managing your mail account

Add a new mail account

  1. Enable mail app from the apps

  2. Click the mail icon on the header

  3. Fill up the login form (auto or manual)


Scheduled messages

  1. Click new message button on top left of your screen

  2. Click the (…) action menu on the modal composer

  3. Click send later


Priority inbox

Priority inbox has 2 section Important and Others. Messages will automatically be marked as important based on which messages you interacted with or marked as important. In the beginning you might have to manually change the importance to teach the system, but it will improve over time.


All inboxes

All messages from all the accounts you have logged in, will be shown here chronologically.

Account settings

Your account settings such as:

  1. Aliases

  2. Signature

  3. Default Folders

  4. Autoresponder

  5. Trusted senders

  6. ..and more

Can be found in the action menu of a mail account. There you can edit, add or remove settings depending on your need.

Move messages to Junk folder

Berria 3.4 bertsioan.

Mail can move a message to a different folder when it is marked as junk.

  1. Visit Account settings

  2. Go to Default folders

  3. Check that a folder is selected for the junk messages

  4. Go to Junk settings

  5. Click Move messages to Junk folder


Account delegation

The app allows account delegation so that one user can send emails from the address of another.

  1. The delegation has to be configured on the mail server by an admin

  2. Add the other email address as an alias for your own email account

  3. When sending an email, select the alias as sender


The sent email might not be visible to the original account if it’s stored in your personal Sent mailbox.

Automatic trash deletion

Berria 3.4 bertsioan.

The Mail app can automatically delete messages in the trash folder after a certain number of days.

  1. Visit Account settings

  2. Go to Automatic trash deletion

  3. Enter the number of days after which messages should be deleted

Disable trash retention by leaving the field empty or setting it to 0.


Only mails deleted after enabling trash retention will be processed.


Compose messages

  1. Click new message on the top left of your screen

  2. Start writing your message

Minimize the composer modal

Berria 3.2 bertsioan.

The composer modal can be minimized while writing a new message, editing an existing draft or editing a message from the outbox. Simply click the minimize button on the top right of the modal or click anywhere outside the modal.


You can resume your minimized message by clicking anywhere on the indicator on the bottom right of your screen.


Press the close button on the modal or the indicator in the bottom right corner to stop editing a message. A draft will be saved automatically into your draft mailbox.

Mailbox actions

Add a mailbox

  1. Open the action menu of an account

  2. Click add mailbox

Add a submailbox

  1. Open the action menu of a mailbox

  2. Click add submailbox

Shared mailbox

If a mailbox was shared with you with some specific rights, that mailbox will show as a new mailbox with a shared icon as below:


Envelope actions

Create an event

Create an event for a certain message/thread directly via mail app 1. Open action menu of an envelope 2. Click more actions 3. Click create event

Create a task

Berria 3.2 bertsioan.

Create an task for a certain message/thread directly via mail app 1. Open action menu of an envelope 2. Click more actions 3. Click create task


Tasks are stored in supported calendars. If there is no compatible calendar you can create a new one with the calendar app.

Edit tags

  1. Open action menu of an envelope

  2. Click Edit tags

  3. On the tags modal, set/unset tags

Message actions

Unsubscribe from a mailing list

Berria 3.1 bertsioan.

Some mailing lists and newsletters allow to be unsubscribed easily. If the Mail app detects messages from such a sender, it will show an Unsubscribe button next to the sender information. Click and confirm to unsubscribe from the list.


Berria 3.4 bertsioan.

Snoozing a message or thread moves it into a dedicated mailbox until the selected snooze date is reached and the message or thread is moved back to the original mailbox.

  1. Open action menu of an envelope or thread

  2. Click Snooze

  3. Select how long the message or thread should be snoozed