Upgrade to Nextcloud 24


Critical changes were collected on GitHub. See the original ticket for links to the pull requests and tickets.



Make sure your appinfo/info.xml allows for Nextcloud 24.

  <nextcloud min-version="21" max-version="24" />

Back-end changes

PHP 8.1

Nextcloud 24 is the first major Nextcloud release to work with PHP 8.1. In this release support for PHP 7.3 was dropped. Follow the steps below to make your app compatible.

  1. If appinfo/info.xml has a dependency specification for PHP, increase the max-version to 8.1.

  <php min-version="7.4" max-version="8.1" />
  <nextcloud min-version="21" max-version="24" />
  1. If your app has a composer.json and the file contains the PHP restrictions from info.xml, adjust it as well.

  "require": {
    "php": ">=7.4 <=8.1"
  1. If you have continuous integration set up, extend your test matrix with PHP 8.1 tests and linters and drop any jobs for PHP 7.3.

Information about code changes can be found on php.net and stitcher.io.

Entity slug deprecation

The usage of entity slugs has been deprecated. There is no provided replacement. If your app needs slugs, add your own logic to create them.