Upgrade to Nextcloud 29


  • The Circles app will be renamed to Teams. Apps that use the terms Circle/Circles need to get adjusted to use Team/Teams instead. For example share to circle would become share to team.

  • The updatenotification app now also supports notifications for apps that were updated. If the updated app provides a CHANGELOG.language.md or CHANGELOG.en.md file, it will create notifications for users about these changes. See also the app changelog section.


Make sure your appinfo/info.xml allows for Nextcloud 29.

    <nextcloud min-version="27" max-version="29" />

Front-end changes

Changed APIs

  • IAppConfig has been fully reworked, most of previous methods are now deprecated. The new version of the API implements multiple settings for app config values to define their laziness and sensitivity.

Removed globals

  • Global autosize is removed, it was deprecated for over 4 years and scheduled for removal with Nextcloud 20. If you still need it you should ship your own version.

Back-end changes

Added APIs

  • The Attributes OCP\AppFramework\Http\Attribute\ApiRoute and OCP\AppFramework\Http\Attribute\FrontpageRoute can be used for routing registering routes. See Routing for documentation.

Changed APIs

  • OCP\IURLGenerator::URL_REGEX_NO_MODIFIERS: Changed to match localhost and hostnames with ports.

  • OCP\Files\IMimeTypeLoader: Every method from this interface now has type declarations. Make sure to update your implementation if you have one.

  • OCP\IRequest::getParam('_route') and OCP\IRequest::getParams()['_route']: The route name (consisting of app ID, controller name and controller method) is now all lower case

Removed APIs

  • OCP\Log\ILogFactory::getCustomLogger: use \OCP\Log\ILogFactory::getCustomPsrLogger to get a customized PSR3 logger

  • oc_share table: Due to massive performance impact on queries when selecting additionally for item_type, it is no longer allowed, to use the oc_share table for any other types than file and folder.

  • OC\BackgroundJob\Job, OC\BackgroundJob\QueuedJob and OC\BackgroundJob\TimedJob: use the OCP versions.

Removed events

  • OCP\Dashboard\RegisterWidgetEvent was deprecated in Nextcloud 20 and is now removed. Use OCP\AppFramework\Bootstrap\IRegistrationContext::registerDashboardWidget from within your app bootstrap.

Changed behavior

The dashboard no longer loads the sidebar or Viewer scripts, if your dashboard widget relies on this it should emit the required events itself.