Upgrade to Nextcloud 25


Critical changes were collected on GitHub. See the original ticket for links to the pull requests and tickets.



Make sure your appinfo/info.xml allows for Nextcloud 25.

  <nextcloud min-version="22" max-version="25" />

SCSS support removal

With 25, we removed the support for scss files provided by apps. Please handle your own compilation, move to a vue app or move back to css. See Github issue #32060.

Front-end changes

Disabled keyboard shortcuts

A global option to disable keyboard shortcuts was added to the accessibility settings. Since it heavily depends on the screenreader and tools that you use if Ctrl and/or Alt or other things are okay to use or not and maintaining a more detailed list is too much effort, we went for a global on/off switch. Apps can use this public javascript API call to determine whether the user used the opt-out: OCP.Accessibility.disableKeyboardShortcuts(). If that is the case, no additional shortcuts shall be registered by any app. Only space to toggle checkboxes and enter to submit the currently active buttons/links are okay to be used. See Github issue #34081 and JavaScript Frontend documentation.

Back-end changes

christophwurst/nextcloud replaced

The christophwurst/nextcloud composer package was replaced with a now Nextcloud owned nextcloud/ocp package. The content is the same and all older versions were generated, so you can transition right away no matter which versions you support.

Changed APIs


Removed APIs

  • Removed SVG colour API