Upgrade to Nextcloud 27


Critical changes were collected on GitHub. See the original ticket for links to the pull requests and tickets.



Make sure your appinfo/info.xml allows for Nextcloud 27.

    <nextcloud min-version="25" max-version="27" />

Front-end changes


  • With Nextcloud 27 you can also provide module javascript files with the .mjs file extension. For backwards compatibilty you can provide files with the same name but the .js file extension which will be loaded for Nextcloud versions before 27.

Added APIs

  • A new Files Router API allows you to control the files router service and update views, querys or param without page reload. See Files

Back-end changes

Optimized class loader

This documentation previously recommended using any composer class loader optimization in Replacing Nextcloud’s autoloader. Unfortunately authoritative class maps do not work with the upgrade process of Nextcloud apps. When app code is replaced during an app upgrade, the autoloader has to load new classes as well. Authoritative class loaders don’t do that by design. Use the simple class map optimization only.

Removal of PSR-0 class loader

Nextcloud 27 no longer loads classes in the deprecated PSR-0 naming standard. Update the structure to PSR-4 or ship a custom autoloader.

Added APIs

  • \OCP\AppFramework\Utility\ITimeFactory is now a \PSR\Clock\ClockInterface following the PSR-20 standard. (nextcloud/server#35872)

  • \OCP\Accounts\IAccountManager::PROPERTY_DISPLAYNAME_LEGACY was added to keep the provisioning API compatible. (nextcloud/server#36665)

  • A new system config ratelimit.protection.enabled (boolean, default true) was added to allow developers to disable rate limiting. It is not recommended to disable this on a production/live system. (nextcloud/server#37542)

  • A new OCP API under \OCP\SpeechToText was introduced to allow automatic transcription of media (nextcloud/server#37674)

  • Added a new interface \OCP\BackgroundJob\IParallelAwareJob that \OCP\BackgroundJob\Job now implements. It can be used to allow specifying that multiple instances of a job should not be run at the same time. Also added \OCP\BackgroundJob\IJobList#hasReservedJob(?string $className = null) method to check the condition (nextcloud/server#37835)

  • New property $actionLabel has been added to the \OCP\Files\Template\TemplateFileCreator class with a respective setter TemplateFileCreator::setActionLabel and getter TemplateFileCreator::getActionLabel. (nextcloud/server#37929 + nextcloud/server#37955)

  • A new interface \OCP\Group\Backend\ISearchableGroupBackend was added for group backends supporting new method searchInGroup to search among a group users in an efficient way. (nextcloud/server#32866)

  • \OCP\App\IAppManager has the following new methods (nextcloud/server#36591):
    • loadApp(string $app): void Load an app, if not already loaded

    • isAppLoaded(string $app): bool Check if an app is loaded

    • loadApps(array $types = []): bool Loads all apps. If $types is set to non-empty array, only apps of those types will be loaded.

    • isType(string $app, array $types): bool Check if an app is of a specific type

  • New method atomicRetry() as been added to the \OCP\AppFramework\Db\TTransactional trait as a wrapper around atomic() to retry database operations after a retryable exception like database deadlocks occurred (nextcloud/server#38030)

Changed APIs

  • \OCP\UserMigration\ISizeEstimationMigrator::getEstimatedExportSize() now returns int|float to support 32-bit systems. (nextcloud/server#38104)

  • \OCP\Files\FileInfo::getOwner documented return type is now nullable, to match what was already returned by the implementation (nextcloud/server#36836)

  • \OCP\Files\File::fopen and \OCP\Files\SimpleFS\ISimpleFile::read documented return types are now nullable, to match what was already returned by the implementations (nextcloud/server#36836)

  • \OCP\Files\File::getContent may now also throw a GenericFileException in cases where it would previously return false (while documented to always return a string, which should now be the case - nextcloud/server#37943).

Deprecated APIs

  • \OCP\AppFramework\Utility\ITimeFactory::getTime() and \OCP\AppFramework\Utility\ITimeFactory::getDateTime() were deprecated, because the interface is now a \PSR\Clock\ClockInterface following the PSR-20standard. (nextcloud/server#35872)

  • \OCP\GroupInterface::usersInGroup() is deprecated in favor of newly added \OCP\Group\Backend\ISearchableGroupBackend interface. (nextcloud/server#32866)

  • In \OC_App, the following methods are deprecated: isAppLoaded, loadApp, isType. Use the new methods from \OCP\App\IAppManager instead (nextcloud/server#36591).

Removed APIs

  • Intermediate transition event classes \OCP\WorkflowEngine\IEntityCompat and \OCP\WorkflowEngine\IOperationCompat have been removed as advertised for 2023 (nextcloud/server#37040)

Behavioral changes

  • \OCP\Files\Cache\CacheEntryRemovedEvent will now be dispatched for all files and folders inside the deleted node. (nextcloud/server#34773)

  • \OCP\AppFramework\Db\IMapperException does now implement \Throwable, previously either \OCP\AppFramework\Db\DoesNotExistException or \OCP\AppFramework\Db\MultipleObjectsReturnedException had to be caught explicitly. (nextcloud/server#37324)

Client APIs

Changed APIs

  • HTTP request that do not pass the lax and strict cookie check return a HTTP status 412 consistently now. It was HTTP 412 and 503 before depending on the endpoint. (nextcloud/server#37316)

  • The OCS translation API was extended to return the from language attribute so in case no from was given, clients can afterwards show in the UI which language was detected and used for translating. (nextcloud/server#38003)