Pellkasadennoù restroù bras

When uploading files through the web client, Nextcloud is limited by PHP and Apache configurations. By default, PHP is configured for only 2 megabyte uploads. As this default upload limit is not entirely useful, we recommend that your Nextcloud administrator increase the Nextcloud variables to sizes appropriate for users.

Evit cheñch argemmennoù nextcloud eo ret bezan merour. M'ho peus ezhomm eus ur vevenn pellkas brasoc'h eget an hini roet dre ziouer (pe roet gant ho merour) :

  • Galvit ho merour evit goulenn e vefe cheñchet an argemmennoù-mañ

  • Refer to the section in the Administration Documentation that describes how to manage file upload size limits.