Sincronizzazione con Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a feature-rich and mature mail client that can be turned into a full-fledged Personal Information Manager (PIM). Since version 102, it supports address book synchronization via CardDAV and automatic discovery of calendars and address books available on the server.

Alternative: Using the TbSync addon

Per questo metodo, devi avere due componenti aggiuntivi installati:

  1. TbSync.

  2. TbSync provider for CalDAV and CardDAV.

When they are installed, go to Extras/Synchronisation settings (TbSync) if you are on Windows, or Edit/Synchronisation settings (TbSync) if on Linux, then:

  • Nel gestore degli account scegli «Aggiungi account / Account CalDAV / CardDAV»

  • Nella finestra successiva, vai con l’impostazione predefinita chiamata Configurazione automatica e fai clic su avanti

  • Enter an account name (which you can freely choose), a user name, a password, the URL of your server, and click next

  • In the next window, TbSync should have auto-discovered the CalDAV and CardDAV addresses. When it has, click Finish

  • Check the Enable and synchronize this account box. TbSync will now discover all address books and calendars your account has access to on the server

  • Check the box next to each calendar and address book you want to have synchronized, set how often you want them to be synchronized, and push the button synchronize now

  • After the first successful synchronization is complete, you can close the window.

Henceforth, TbSync will do the work for you. You are done with the basic configuration and can skip the next sections unless you need a more advanced address book.

Alternativa: usare il componente aggiuntivo CardBook (solo Contatti)

CardBook è una alternativa avanzata alla rubrica di Thunderbird, che supporta CardDAV. Puoi avere TbSync e CardBook installati in parallelo.

  1. Fai clic sull’icona di CardBook nell’angolo in alto a destra di Thunderbird:

  2. In CardBook:

    • Go to Address book > New Address book Remote > Next

    • Seleziona CardDAV, inserisci l’indirizzo del tuo server Nextcloud, il tuo nome utente e la password.

  3. Fai clic su «Conferma», fai clic su Avanti, quindi scegli il nome della rubrica e un altro clic su Avanti:

  4. When you are finished, CardBook synchronizes your address books. You can always trigger a synchroniZation manually by clicking «Synchronize» in the top left corner of CardBook:


Il vecchio metodo: sottoscrivere manualmente i calendari

Questo metodo è necessario se non vuoi installare TBSync.

  1. Go to your Nextcloud Calendar and click on the 3 dots menu for the calendar that you want to synchronize which will display an URL that looks something like this:

  2. Go to the calendar view in Thunderbird and right-click in the calendar menu to the left (where the names of the calendars are) to add a New Calendar.

  3. Scegli Sulla rete:

  4. Scegli CalDAV e inserisci le informazioni mancanti: